Murray. It’s good for Kyrgios not to play the Davis Cup

Andy Murray shares his own thoughts about the Davis Cup semifinal to also say that it’s very good for Nick Kyrgios not to play the tie.

The Australian has been under fire after all the mess he has created over the summer starting from his antics in Wimbledon to the famous Wawrinka’s sledge. Luckily Nick has still some supporters in tennis world.

Kyrgios has not been called for a blockbuster Davis Cup semifinal against Great Britain, in order to allow the Australian to “recover”.


Murray: It’s good for Kyrgios not to play the Davis Cup

Andy commented “I like Nick, I think he’s great for tennis.

I don’t know what went on behind the scenes or how Nick was feeling mentally, but it would have been a very stressful time for him. Playing in a tie like this would not be an easy thing for him to go through with everything that happened. He’s obviously paying for his mistake and he’ll learn from that.

This is a very tough atmosphere to play in if you are not fit, or fatigued or whatever.”