Federer. I may use the SABR even more

Roger Federer was extremely disappointed with the fact that he missed many chances to win the US Open final, but in retrospective he was still very satisfied with his North American campaign. Besides winning Cincinnati and reaching the final at the US Open in style ( a big “besides”) , Roger was very happy with his “new overaggressive” tennis, especially with the SABR.


Federer: I will use the SABR gain

During a recent interview Roger commented “I think it [SABR] worked very well, and I’m sure I will use it more in the future against Djokovic and many others.


It was a really interesting last few months or so looking at that tactic. If you look at the points you probably have to win, you have to play them perfectly. So could have won even more so. Who knows? Maybe I should have played even more of it. I did get many more looks on the second serve as the match went on.”

More SABRs on the way? That would be even more fun!