Federer: How I started the SABR

Roger Federer is impressing (once again) this month with some weird and oddly successful returns.

What is all about?

The Maestro almost randomly  decides to attack second serves by just running at the net, hit a half-volley and go for it.

How did it start?

Everything began this month in Cincinnati when Roger was jet-lagged and he was training against an ill Benoit Paire. Both were exhausted so they had a very casual training in the afternoon and … “I said, ‘OK, I’m going to chip and charge and just keep the points short. I’m tired. I want to get off the court soon anyway.’ That’s when I started to run in and hit returns. I hit a couple for a winner. They were ridiculous. He laughed, I laughed,  Severin  laughed

I tried it the next practice and it still worked. That’s when coach Severin Luthi said, ‘Well, what about using it in a match?’ I was like, ‘Really?’

We sort of came up with that name, ‘sneak attack by Roger’ or ‘Sabr’ for short. I don’t know. Call it ‘Fed Attack’, call it whatever you want.”