Nick Kyrgios stands up for Megan Rapinoe when questioned about a deal with Piers Morgan

After the discussion of a widely shared video featuring USWNT icon Megan Rapinoe ignoring a fan, Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios gave an awkward confront with his media opponent, Piers Morgan.

Kyrgios Talks About Megan Rapinoe
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After talking about a viral video that showed USWNT legend Megan Rapinoe neglecting a fan, Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios resorted to an unpleasant arrangement with his media rival, Piers Morgan. Then he moved to support the World Cup star by taking a different stance.

A video of Rapinoe signing a soccer ball for a young fan while she was seated in the audience was shared by Morgan from the 2019 ESPY Awards. Football fans were quick to point out that Rapinoe did not make eye contact with the boy in the video, which indicates that there was no direct interaction with him despite his request for an autograph.

Morgan slammed Rapinoe on Twitter, calling her “diabolically arrogant” as she signed a small soccer ball and then gave it back to the crowd while turning her head to look out into the crowd. Rapinoe’s failure to engage the child in conversation after returning the signed ball was the source of criticism.

Morgan wrote: “[Rapinoe] Doesn’t even look at him. Diabolical arrogance.”

Kyrgios responded to the comment laughing and replied: “Hahahahahaha one thing me and Piers agree on.”

In a dramatic sit-down interview, Morgan and Kyrgios recently resolved their differences. Kyrgios outlined his thoughts on the video and said: “I know that she has millions of fans worldwide. At this moment, she may have been dealing with things and may [have been] very dismissive. I’m not going to sit here and say I have been amazing to every fan I have ever signed a tennis ball for, but every time it is a young kid, I do my best to try and look involved. I don’t like the dismissiveness. But I know I have not been perfect either.”

Kyrgios went on to talk about how, as a child, he used to get excited when he would receive autographed tennis balls signed by his heroes, and he wanted to bring that same feeling to children who looked up to him.

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