WATCH. Leylah Fernandez tries to sing a song and calls it terrible

Tennis player Leylah Fernandez shared her experiences on stage, despite being the first to admit that she is a terrible singer.

Leylah Fernandez Sings A Song

Leylah Fernandez made the joyful choice to take on her off-court passion of karaoke as the tennis off-season gets underway.

Even though Fernandez, who is 21 years old, is the first to acknowledge that she is a terrible singer, she nevertheless shared her experiences on stage.

The background music eventually revealed the winner, which was Journey’s iconic song “Don’t Stop Believin.” The 2021 US Open runner-up’s singing, or screaming, was so bad at times that it was hard to tell what song she was trying to sing.

She uploaded her video while singing with a caption: “Just like in tennis, where every rally teaches us something new, life throws us opportunities to pick up new skills. I’m here to share a little secret: I’m absolutely terrible at singing, but that doesn’t stop me from belting out tunes in the shower, during car rides, or in front of my entire family during the holidays.”

Fernadez further wrote: “Life is too short to let fear of imperfection hold us back. Whether it’s hitting a high note or a topspin forehand, the key is to dive in with passion and enthusiasm. Sure, you might hit a few sour notes or miss a shot, but that’s part of the beautiful symphony of life. It’s not about being the best; it’s about being your best and enjoying the journey. What’s your off-court passion?”

Leylah Fernandez in 2023

Leylah Fernandez

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21 year old
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Now ranked no.35, Leylah played her last match on the 12th of November when she overcame world no.30 Jasmine Paolini 6-2 6-3 in the Rubber 2 in (draw).

Currently, during this season the Canadian has achieved a compiled 41-24 win-loss record. Leylah conquered 1 title in Hong Kong.

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