Jannik Sinner’s journey: from Riccardo Piatti’s protege to ATP success

Piatti praises Sinner's ATP Finals performance, highlighting belief in his potential and resilience against unwarranted criticism amid success.

Jannik Sinner's Journey: From Piatti's Protege To Atp Success

Italian tennis coach Riccardo Piatti, known for mentoring talents like Maria Sharapova, recently commended Jannik Sinner’s exceptional performance at the ATP Finals in Turin. Piatti, who previously collaborated with Sinner and witnessed his growth at the academy, shared his thoughts in a heartfelt letter posted on social media after Sinner’s final against Novak Djokovic.

In the letter, Piatti congratulated Sinner on his remarkable week at the tournament, acknowledging the young athlete’s outstanding performance and high-level tennis displayed throughout the competition. He praised Sinner’s unwavering dedication to the sport, reflecting on the consistent progress and professional attitude Sinner has exhibited over the years.

Expressing his belief in Sinner’s potential, Piatti stated, “I have always believed in him and I always knew that Jannik was ready to do great things.” Piatti’s familiarity with Sinner’s capabilities from their previous collaboration made the Italian’s success less surprising, reflecting the trust and confidence he holds in the young player’s abilities.

Piatti, alike a proud mentor, expressed his joy in witnessing Sinner excel, emphasizing the gratification of seeing a former protege thrive both physically and professionally. Addressing the criticism Sinner faced for not participating in the 2023 Davis Cup Qualifiers, Piatti defended Sinner against baseless accusations and praised his resilience in ignoring such detractors.

In conclusion, Piatti lauded Sinner’s achievements at the ATP Finals, highlighting those performances like these, alongside future Grand Slam victories and high world rankings, are a testament to Sinner’s deep attachment to Italy. He criticized the unwarranted criticism directed at Sinner, stating, “Sterile criticism that came from people who are not competent and who do not know how to perform at a high level.”

Piatti’s encouraging words serve as a testament to Sinner’s determination and professional growth, reinforcing the significance of achievements as a mark of commitment and pride for one’s country. In the face of criticism, Sinner’s performances stand tall as a testament to his dedication to tennis and Italy.

Jannik Sinner in 2023

Jannik Sinner

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22 year old
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Now the world no.4 (career-high), Jannik played his last match on the 19th of November when he lost to world no.1 Novak Djokovic 6-3 6-3 in the final in the Nitto ATP Finals (draw).

Currently, during this season Sinner has managed to achieve a compiled 61-15 record. Sinner clinched 4 titles in 2023 in Montpellier, Toronto, Beijing and Vienna. The Italian got to the final in Rotterdam, Miami and the Nitto ATP Finals.

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