Nick Kyrgios shares candid insights on playing with Serena Williams in unique doubles encounter

Kyrgios candidly recalls playing doubles with Serena Williams, noting her assertiveness, while teasing his superiority on-court in jest.

Nick Kyrgios Shares Candid Insights On Playing With Serena Williams In Unique Doubles Encounter

During the International Premier Tennis League, Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios shared his experience of playing doubles alongside Serena Williams. Known for his candidness, Kyrgios previously remarked on Williams’ assertiveness on the court, even implying he was “much better” than her, despite acknowledging her legendary status in the sport.

The unexpected pairing of Kyrgios and Williams during the 2014 International Premier Tennis League provided a unique blend of contrasting playing styles and personalities. Kyrgios, upfront in his assessments, had previously shared his observations about Williams’ on-court demeanor, stating, “I’ve played mixed doubles with her, she was very bossy on the court. I mean confident. And I had to listen to her.”

Kyrgios’ frankness extended further when he expressed a sense of superiority, claiming he was “much better” than Williams. Despite the light-hearted nature of his comments, they shed light on the dynamic between the two players during their mixed doubles match.

This candid insight from Kyrgios, known for his outspoken nature, offers a different perspective on the dynamics of their partnership and the contrasting on-court personas of both players. His acknowledgment of Williams’ confidence and his teasing remarks about his own abilities add depth to the narrative of their collaboration.

The past commentary from Kyrgios, coupled with his recent recollection, underscores the intriguing dynamic between two tennis icons. While his remarks might be seen as playful banter, they provoke discussions about the intersection of competitive spirit and camaraderie within the realm of professional tennis partnerships.

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