A tennis court is a technical field that gives us the chance to play the wonderful game of tennis. Any tennis court whether new or used needs regular maintenance to ensure that it serves you for a very long time and also to ensure that it is safe for anybody who chooses to play the game on it. A new tennis court needs special attention since it needs to acquire the approved standards and meet up all safety measures. Tennis court maintenance should be done whether it at the professional club, residential or school sports facility.

There are various materials used in making a friendly tennis court surface which are synthetic grass, polymeric rubber or macadam. For each and every surface material used specific maintenance requirements and procedure are required for each material.  Below are guidelines to help you maintain and take care of this kind of surfaces to ensure your tennis court fulfills its potential.

Sports Court Cleaning

The polymeric and macadam material surfaces demand regular cleaning which can be done through brushing which ensures that there’s no debris and dirt trying to block the pores of the tennis court surface. You need the help of a sport surfacing cleaner to assist in maintaining and cleaning this kind of surfaces. The specialist much has the necessary qualification and experience since you want to play in a safe and sound surface that is clean and presentable.

Find a professional cleaner who offers diverse cleaning and maintenance services in different kinds of surfacing materials. The porosity is achieved through regular professional cleaning which ensures you play on a safe surface for a very long time. The benefit of using professional cleaners is that they use state of the art pieces of equipment to restore the initial and desired looks to the court which improves the appearance for the healthy and safe practice of the game.

Tennis Surface Repainting

If the court goes through heavy use or regular exposure to bad weather conditions the initial coating and markings can fade away easily. Anti-slip coatings are initially applied during the installation of the court and failure to do the recoating could lead to cracking of the paint which reduces the effectiveness and convenience of a tennis court. For a respray of the whole court consult a profession and have a new anti-slip coat with well-defined markings.

You can choose a variety of colors to avoid being monotonous and also adding more glow and glamour. This maintenance process is important as it improves on the performance qualities which makes it easy for the players.

Tennis Sports Court Repairs

Due to extensive use, bad weather conditions, tear and wear the tennis court can suffer damages that would need repair in order to make the field of play safe for the players. For the macadam and polymeric tennis courts recapping is required if the courts started fretting. For the synthetic grass, you could have torn patches that need repair where you could replace them. Find a professional who is versatile and can conduct such simple repairs. Resurfacing may also be required if the flooring and surfacing are fully deteriorated. It is an expensive project which requires a specialist for good results and servicing needs.

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