EXPLAINED. How Federer adjusted to the clay

MADRID. Roger explains what he needs to do differently on clay

Federer in Madrid

Roger Federer is about to start his come back on clay in Madrid after being absent for the last 2 seasons.

The Swiss sensation had to admit that he wasn’t really confident about how he would play on the dirt after so much time (article) also because the movements are rather different.

About adjusting to clay. FEDERER

During the press conference preceding his tournament in Madrid, Roger commented

“It takes some time getting used to how to construct the points maybe a little bit more because there is more baseline [rallies]; there is a possibility to play with more angles and heights.

On a hard ball, you can roll it and spin it and go loopy whereas on a faster court you almost have to hit against it you know it’s hard to take the pace off the ball.”

“So from that standpoint, it’s been interesting and fun [to adjust] but not so challenging to be honest, but then again in matches, it might be a completely different story because in practice it’s always okay to take chances and not get rewarded. You walk away from and you’re like “who cares.” But in the match every point sort of matters so it’ll be interesting to see how this tournament goes

I have not high expectations in some ways, but at the same time I also know that things are possible. I mean Madrid always plays fast with the altitude here so I’m intrigued to find out myself.”

Federer will kick start his campaign in Madrid either against Richard Gasquet or the hyper-talented Alejandro Davidovich Fokina.


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