Andy Murray is trying hard to be back to competitions after his hip surgery. The Brit is targeting to return this summer, and there are possibilities he will make it for Wimbledon.

If Andy has a strong case…

All England Club chairman Philip Brook released the following comment about a possible wildcard to Murray

“There have been no discussions with Andy yet. It’s too soon to know the answer to that one.

Should he wish to apply he would do so in the normal way. We have a scheduled meeting on June 18 ahead of the championships to decide on wildcards. We have a process which applies to all players.

If Andy came forward with a strong case I am sure we would work with him.”

Andy Murray’s strong case

Andy has been the most successful British player in the modern era. The Brit is a former world no.1 that has won 3 slams, 2 Wimbledon, he was decisive to win the Davis Cup in 2015, and 2 gold medals at the Olympics.

Probably this is a “decently” strong case.


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