Justin Gimelstob was part of a surreal episode last November when he assaulted Randall Kaplan in LA dressed as a Top Gun pilot (story).

The former world no.63 was found guilty, and he got three years probation and 60 days of community service after he decided not to oppose.

Interesting enough, the ATP board is not making any move to oust Gimelstob among the protest of many tennis players.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray was rather vocal against Gimelstob in an interview with The Telegraph to say: “I don’t see how, with everything that has gone on, how it’s possible for him to remain in a position of authority or management at the ATP right now.”

Stan Wawrinka

The Swiss joined Andy to release the following statement on Twitter

“Players need to speak out. Justin Gimelstob has been convicted of a violent assault. It simply can not be possible for anyone to condone this type of behaviour and worse support it. In any other business or sport we would not be discussing this.

The council need to do something about this and finally end this conversation and shameful period in our great sport.”

The new elections will take place on the 14th of May. As Stan said, even talking about it is shameful.


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