Sascha Zverev is the front-runner of the so-called Nextgen. At 22 years of age and with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic still very well around he has already conquered 3 Master ATP1000 and the ATP Finals in London.

However, the German sensation had a horrible start (for his standards) in 2019 with a below-par 10-7 win-loss record. Sascha is also ranked no.21 in the Year to Date rankings and that means that he needs to achieve much more in the season if he wants to defend his title in London.

Zverev is currently in Munich where he will try to win the ATP250 event for the 3rd consecutive time, and he explained why he has been struggling with his focus in recent months.

No girlfriend, no father, and no management team. ZVEREV

During a very straightforward interview with the press, Sascha talked about the 3 factors that have been affecting him: breaking up with his girlfriend, not having a management team, and the health situation of his father.

Breaking up with girlfriend

Sascha has been dating Olya Sharypova since 2018, and it seemed as they had fantastic chemistry. They were seen together in Acapulco last February this year, but then something broke, and they are not an item anymore. Sascha had no problems in disclosing it during the press conference to say

“You know: I’m always honest with you journalists. Lately, many things happened. The management situation that costs strength. My dad cannot be with me for the first time. And the relationship with my girlfriend is over. These things are affecting me. Other players would not talk about it, but that’s the case with me. I always take such things to heart. But everything is calming down right now. I am just happy with my life and on the tennis court. ”

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About his father

Sascha is used to traveling with his father, but know this is not possible because his dad is in the hospital for an undisclosed illness that apparently is not serious.

About his management company

Zverevis in a legal dispute with his previous Management Company represented by Patricio Apey. This quarrel is costing Sascha a lot of mental effort also because he can’t have other managers right now not even from his family as there was the rumor that his brother Mischa would take on a major role in that. Sascha commented

“A family solution is out of the question for me. I’m legally not allowed to talk to other managers right now. That’s why there is still no solution. I’ll take a look at this in the future.”

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