SHOCKING! Former player Angelique Cauchy reveals being raped and abused by her coach

French tennis player Angelique Cauchy has disclosed that her coach raped her 400 times, starting when she was 12 years old.

Angelique Cauchy Tells The Details To The Court

Angelique Cauchy, a French tennis player, has disclosed that her coach Andrew Geddes raped her 400 times starting when she was 12 years old and even manipulated her into believing she had AIDS.

The former tennis player testified before the French parliament about her horrific experience with Andrew Geddes, who was jailed for 18 years in 2021 for the rape and sexual assault of four young girls.

The 55-year-old was accused in court of committing hideous sexual assaults at home, in his car, or at a tennis club, which he frequently recorded. At the age of 12 and the second junior player in France, Ms. Cauchy started working with Geddes at Sarcelles Tennis Club in Paris in 1999.

Within a few months, the coach started abusing her saying: “You know it happens sometimes in relationships between coach and student, we spend a lot of time together, it’s normal.”

She claimed that over the course of two years, he raped her 400 times and the relationship quickly turned into abuse. She described to the court in terrifying detail how he sexually assaulted her three times a day for two weeks during a training camp.

She explained in the court and said: “I lived the worst two weeks of my life. I thought many times about committing suicide. He raped me three times a day. The first night he asked me to go to his room and I didn’t do it, then he came into mine. I was in prison.”

Geddes continued to emotionally blackmail and deceive Ms. Cauchy, leading her to believe that he was the cause of her AIDS. She informed that: “He came to tell me one day: “I have AIDS, that’s for sure, I gave it to you.”


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