Tennis is a sport that lends itself perfectly to betting. This is because it does offer lots of variables and markets than nearly every other sport. If you are thinking to bet on tennis tough, you will need to have a proper strategy so to maximize the profits while minimizing the risks. A strategy that is the combination of scientific theory and old-fashioned consistency and discipline. With the help of betting experts at we have provided 10 Golden Rules to follow when betting on tennis.

1 – Only bet when there is value

You might think this is a given but worth mentioning. Don’t just place bets because you are feeling bored. Any tennis bet should only be placed when you believe the odds offered are higher than the probability of an outcome to occur.

2 – Specialise

There are lots of tennis matches that are played around the year both on the men’s and women’s circuit. You won’t be able to have expertise in everything, so the best move is to specialize. Lots of successful tennis punters are focusing on one area regardless if it is men’s or women’s tennis, Challenger or only Grand slam events.

3 – Have Accounts With Several Leading Bookmakers

Don’t limit yourself to only a few or just one betting site. This is only going to limit your chances of getting value in the long run. We do not suggest you have dozens of betting accounts with different operators as this might be excessive. But on the other hand, depending on just one or two betting sites for all your tennis bets will overall hurt your profits. This is because you will not be able to capitalize on the different offers and best odds.

4 – Keep Track Of Your Bets

Being successful in betting on tennis involves being able to have sound money management. You will need to be disciplined and keep a track record of all your bets.  Failing to keep a record of your betting activity can put your plan of being a long term profitable tennis punter at serious risk. If you do keep track of your bets you will be able to clearly see what the tournaments that are causing you to lose money, where you are winning are and so on. It will also make your life easier when a losing streak will arrive. You will be able to learn from the past how you have pulled yourself out of difficult situations, etc.

5- Look For The Suspect Seed

Usually, pre-tournament favourites tend to do well in Grand Slam events. Backing the favourites might be a good idea but only if the odds are reasonable. Having said that, there are always surprises and if you can identify which one of the favourite is likely to underperform, you will be able to get a significant profit. Rankings are based on a player’s achievements in the previous 12 months. If a player that is seeded is not in good form at the time of the event, an upset might become likely.

6 – Understand Serving and Returning

Betting in play on tennis has become extremely popular in the last few years. To get the most of this form of gambling you would need to have a basic knowledge of the difference between serving and returning. The serve in tennis is similar to a free kick or a penalty in football. Spotting weaknesses in a player serve might give you useful insights on how the game is likely to turn out.

Checking stats on serving and returning for every players will give you a good indication on how things might pan out.

7 – Be Aware Of Playing Styles

Nowadays you can find footage on the internet of every player on the tour. You can, therefore, learn what their style: Are the player you are considering a big server, a baseliner, a serve-volleyer and so on. This is a great way to get additional information especially if you are somewhat unfamiliar to how a player can do in a certain surface.

8 – Head-to-Head Matchups

Take a look at either the ATP or WTA website to find out what is the head to head between the player you want to bet on and their opponent. This is a useful way to figure out if a player has particular issues when facing an opponent or not.

9 – Always Assess Surfaces

When placing bets on a player, you will need to carefully consider how is the record on the surface the match you are betting on is played. Even top players can perform significantly better in one surface compared with another.

10 – Follow Tennis Betting Tips

A great way to get additional information before betting is to check what successful tennis tipsters are writing about the game. It is crucial that you do a research first tough to see what is the success rate of the tipster. Lots of tipsters out there are not profitable and in some cases, they might even lead you to make the wrong decision. Having said that there are a limited number of successful tennis tipsters out there capable of delivering profitable tennis betting tips over the course of the year.

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