Great news from Kiki Mladenovic that announced officially her partnership with Sascha Bajin.

Who is Sascha Bajin

Sascha is a great friend and the former hitting partner of Serena Williams. Later, the German partnered with Naomi Osaka, and together they did the unthinkable after they found the right formula for the Japanese to win Indian Wells, the Us Open, and the Australia Open in 12 months.

Sascha won the award as the WTA coach of the year, but suddenly something “mysteriously” broke with Osaka, and they parted ways rather abruptly soon after her triumph in Melbourne.

Kiki’s announcement

Sascha is a family friend of Kristina, and he helped the Frenchwoman during the Miami Open. Eventually, that stint was rather successful, and Kristina announced their partnership on social media officially.

Currently ranked no.66. Kiki broke in the top10 back in 2017, but then she was struggling with her results.

“excited to announce you my new collaboration with Sascha Bajin. Welcome to the team, coach @bigsascha !☺️🙏🏻👊🏻💪🏻🎾 Je suis très contente d’annoncer ma nouvelle collaboration avec Sascha Bajin. Bienvenue dans la team coach! #heretocreate 📸 @cocodubreuil”


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