Stefanos Tsitsipas had a little bit of an accident in Miami when he was playing doubles against the Bryan Brother. The upcoming Greek was upset with the chair umpire Gianluca Moscarella after he granted what Stefanos considered a late challenge. Eventually, the challenge was even wrong, but Tsitsipas caused some controversy after accusing the Moscarella of favoring the Americans and… Roger Federer.

Federer’s reply on Tsitsipas criticism

Roger understood that Stefanos didn’t have any intention of attacking the Swiss also because they share a great relationship, and when he was asked about his opinion about what happened, Federer commented

“I think because we know each other very well, I think it’s easier for the umpire to handle a top guy that they know over an up-and-coming guy like Tsitsipas or a young guy. And that sometimes gets lost in translation, and maybe bad mistakes can happen.

But I don’t see preferential treatment, to be honest. There shouldn’t be. If I get warnings, and I do get warnings sometimes. I got one just recently, maybe Dubai, I don’t know, whatever, it’s normal. So they should just, based on what happened, take those decisions, and I really feel, how do you say, the umpires do that.”

Tsitsipas about what happened

During a following QA session on Twitter, Stefanos added

“I think players that have been doing really well over the years, players that are generally much respected in the tennis world, have privileges when it comes to certain rules and umpire decisions.”

.. I was totally wrong from my side. TSITSIPAS

During a recent interview in Monte Carlo, the Greek elaborated a bit about what he said to reveal

“After thinking about it too much in my vacation, the thing that I said… I didn’t really mean it in that vain way.

I meant it in a completely different way. I guess I actually said it during a match; I don’t know if the microphone caught that, in a doubles match. It was completely wrong from my side I have to admit, it wasn’t even close to what I wanted to say, I don’t know why I said it this way. It came out wrong.

They [the top players] have more experience with the umpires, and the umpires know them much better. They know how to speak to them, approach them, so I guess I’m still a youngster and still new in the tour. So in my case, it will be a little bit different I guess, I’m not sure.”

Time to move on.


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