Serena Williams in tears after Tiger Wood triumph at the Masters

The American legend was taken by Tiger Woods incredible triumph at the Masters

Tiger Woods wins the Masters

Serena Williams is widely considered as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Times), and she won 23 majors after staging numerous comebacks.

Therefore, the American legend is well aware of how much it takes to “achieve greatness” (again) after being sidelined for whatever reason.

Tiger Woods’ triumph and Serena

Tiger Woods managed to win the Masters in Augusta after a dramatic comeback to capture the attention of the fans around the world.

For once, Serena was not the actor, but the spectator to get emotional after Tiger’s feat. Williams tweeted

“I am literally in tears watching @TigerWoods this is Greatness like no other. Knowing all you have been through physically to come back and do what you just did today? Wow Congrats a million times! I am so inspired thank you buddy.”

Time for Serena to emulate Tiger and win her 24th slam?


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