Bianca Andreescu holds no grudges against Angelique Kerber after being insulted during their recent match in Miami.

Why Angelique Kerber called “The Biggest Drama Queen Ever” Andreescu

The German lost to the Canadian both in the Indian Wells final and in the 3rd round in Miami; in Florida, she went completely ballistic against Bianca. At the net, Kerber said: “You are the biggest drama queen ever.”

Bianca didn’t do anything to deserve that, but at 18 years of age, she demonstrated her maturity not to quarrel with the former world no.1 even if the tennis fans around the world were outraged by Kerber’s comment.

It was the heat of the moment. BIANCA ANDREESCU

During an interview with CBC news, Bianca revealed

“I didn’t [hear] when we walked to the net. NoI didn’t hear that, but I did hear her saying something, and I am sure it wasn’t very nice. But, I mean, it was in the heat of the moment, it was 2 am, she lost to me last week, she lost to me in Miami.

I know every time we step on the court, it’s gonna be a hard battle, but I am just trying to take the high road here and not fighting back or say anything.”

The day after Kerber (or her PR team) posted a “congratulation message” on Twitter that that was considerate “fake” and opportunistic by most of the fans.


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