Federer becomes a hologram

Roger Federer is part of tennis history more and more.

The Swiss Maestro will be part of an interesting section in the Museum at the International Tennis Hall of Fame: the holographic theatre. Visitors will enter in the room and they will have the feel they talk to a real Federer (well.. that’s a hologram as Roger would be busy somewhere else…). Roger will welcome them and he will introduce the topic of the museum. Then the Swiss Maestro will tell them why he loves tennis.

Federer: It was a honor to be asked to be the hologram

Roger was very happy to participate to the project “It was an honor to be asked to be the hologram at the International Tennis Hall of Fame and I was quite happy to take on the project.  I’ve always had an interest in the history of our sport and I believe we’ve been fortunate to be able to learn from and build on that history. The Hall of Fame does a tremendous job of preserving our sport’s history and celebrating it with the world. I’m glad to be able to support those efforts by helping to create a fun experience in their museum.”

The organization

Douglas Stark, the museum director, added “Our goal is for visitors to leave the museum feeling educated about and inspired by the rich history of tennis. We designed the exhibits in a way that people could participate in the learning process together – a touch table in which you can ‘serve’ tennis history questions back and forth, video walls in which you can select match highlights and watch together, artifacts from 60 years ago and artifacts from last season so as to appeal to a span of generations, among other aspects. The new museum will provide visitors with a memorable experience in which they will learn about the history of tennis, and its impact on and off the courts.”

So.. ready for a “hologrammatic” Roger?