Naomi Osaka won the heart of the tennis world after she conquered her first slam at the 2018 US Open after she defeated her childhood hero Serena Williams.

As we all know, that final was full of controversy after Serena had a colossal meltdown against the umpire that ended up in 3 code violations after Serena accused him (also) of sexism.

Eventually, everything ended up with Naomi winning the title, but the crowd went on fire shouting everything at everyone.

Why Naomi Osaka was not traumatized after the US Open final

After the final, everything was a bit too dramatized by the media that accused Serena of having deprived Naomi of a crucial moment of her life. Probably it was forgotten that the young Japanese managed to achieve the “unthinkable” and besides winning her 1st slam she also started to have a significant financial boost after her title both from the prize money and very lucrative endorsements.

Talking to the Vogue Magazine, Naomi commented

It’s kind of weird to hear people say that [that she had a bad experience with the US Open final]. The only thing I can do is keep moving forward and keep trying my best.

I just started thinking that I’m in a Grand Slam. I shouldn’t be sad. I’m playing against a really great player, so I should just enjoy my time and try and put all my energy into doing the best that I can on every point.”

Many people would love to have this “bad experience”… for sure.


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