Serena Williams surprised the tennis world back in September 2018 after a huge meltdown during her US Open final against Naomi Osaka.

The American tennis legend was struggling to contain her emotions to receive 3 on-court violations for coaching, smashing her racket, and verbal abuse. Eventually, everything ended up with Serena Williams quarreling against the chair umpire accusing him of sexism, and she lost the match among huge controversy.

John McEnroe sympathizing with Serena Williams

John was invited to talk during the aftershow part of Thursday night’s of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” and he was asked to comment on Serena’s episode.

McEnroe was himself well-known for his epic outburst to comment

“I could totally relate to what she was feeling. I thought it was a bullsxxxx call that they called her out on the coaching because all the other players are getting coached all the time, so why all of a sudden did they do it at that point?”

Serena also committed some mistakes

Then John added

“Then she lost it, and she was thinking that she could get away with losing it, and then she broke a racket and got the point penalty, which she deserved, and she knew it. And then she started going after the umpire.

The chair umpire was also wrong

The Mcenroe commented

“The umpire, to me, should’ve said, ‘Look, that’s enough. If you keep going, I’m going to take a game from you.’ But he didn’t do that and suddenly did, so I thought he went overboard. I didn’t like what he did to her. It was a lose-lose because she fxxxxxd up and he fxxxxxd up.”

That’s a way to put it!

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I agree with john. An we all no serena is the come back queen so it could have gone to three sets ?