Roger Federer has been asked about his retirement plans for at least 7 years, and his best answer is winning tournaments after tournaments.

The Swiss Legend is currently in Miami where he is the favorite to win the tournament especially after Sascha Zverev, and Novak Djokovic crashed out. After defeating Daniil Medvedev with a very convincing scoreline (6-4 6-2), Federer had an interview with the ESPN, and once again he had to talk about his (not existent) retirements plans.

Federer about his retirement plans

“How much longer I am going to play? I wish I knew. That would really help me with my planning for my family and for everybody.

I am taking it 6 months by 6 months. We are not thinking about retirement because I think that the more I think about it and the more I talk about it the closer I am to it. That’s why I have no plans yet. There are talks about the Olympics, but that is no true. So I am just happy I am healthy.”

5 conditions will make Federer retire

Talking about the moment when Roger will stop playing he confirmed that being able to win big tournaments is essential for him. Then he added.

It goes in combination [with other things].

[1st] If my family wouldn’t be happy, then I wouldn’t be doing that.

[2nd] Then if felt I had too much pain in my body, that would not be fun anymore.

[3rd] When I realize the body doesn’t allow me to be at the level that I am right now [he would stop].

[4th] If I feel that I can’t win tournaments anymore, that’s another thing.

[5th] If I think that I cannot beat the best anymore, that would be another one.

So as long as the stars are still aligned [it’s ok].”

At least we know that we have at least 6 more months… of 6 more years?

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