Roger Federer had an extremely tough opening of his Miami campaign when he was opposed to Radu Albot. The Maestro won the match in 3 sets after struggling a lot on court.

What was Federer’s problem against Albot

During the press conference following his match, Roger admitted

“I felt like I was in 2 minds. That sometimes plays in a first round. You are looking to take out the ball, but then sometimes you cannot go big all the times. So you also have to hold back and sometimes you feel like it happens always on the wrong times. You pull the trigger on the wrong times, you are going safe in the wrong times and that has something to do how I thought he played his game and he seemed very clear to me and I wasn’t.

In the heat of the moment, I was forgetting stuff also that my coach told me and I felt that the important points or points I could have done something interesting for me I played poorly because I was in 2 minds.

The margin are slim and you are down and then when you down you are going to play differently and at the end, it’s just about finding the way.

These are the matches that are so key during the year for any player.”

Your Opinion?

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Well, unexpectedly this Albot showed his claws and we have jut to pay attention to this dangrous player. I am not agree with Roger. he played very very well, he knew what to do i the right moments He was in two minds? What a hell is that? No way, I definetely that he was against the odds and he analized and came with a response. I feel so proud of being a Roger fan. Sorry Roger I am not with you today…You are much much more better that what you did in this 2nd round. And if you say… Read more »


The right coaching will be very simple so that a player can be of his own mind and concentrate on doing what he does well.