Too easy for Andrea Petkovic that wins the Antwerp title after the retirement of Suarez Navarro in the final (neck injury).

Just in order to entertain the crowd the German played an exhibition against Kim Clijsters that is now the tournament director. Eventually Kim played amazing tennis to beat Andre 5-3 in a 1 set showdown. After playing that set Andrea commented “I hope you don’t take any offense Kim,  but I’m glad you are done playing on tour.”

Suarez Navarro

Carla commented “I woke up in the morning and just felt this pain in my neck. I went to the physio to get treatment and tried to play at 11:30, then had physio again and tried to play again at 2:15, and I just couldn’t serve. I couldn’t play like I wanted. So I had to pull out of this final. I’m really sorry. I love this tournament and I had a great week. I really tried today.”


Andrea was both happy for the title, but she also felt for Carla “Right before we went on court I was warming up and they told me the news. At first I was very shocked because I didn’t know anything about her physical pain and the blockage. But secondly I was sad. I really like Carla – she’s a great person and always friendly and positive, and she has a tremendous amount of talent. Also, you can never really enjoy the win when you don’t fight for it. So I’m happy I had a great week and I’m leaving as the champion, but definitely mixed emotions.”

Andrea and Carla will now head to Dubai to play the Duty Free Tennis Championships


WTA Antwerp. Players and Draw

CLICJTERS BEATS ANDREA IN THE EXIBITION!                                       


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