Andy Murray is in great terms with almost everyone on tour and he managed also to have a special bond with the so-called “bad boy” Nick Kyrgios.

The Brit was one of the few players to defend the Australian during his dark days and Nick will never forget that.

Andy Murray much better than Djokovic. KYRGIOS

During the press conference preceding the Australian Open, Kyrgios shared his thoughts about Andy and his career. Kyrgios commented

“I always tell him, I look at Djokovic, I look at how many Grand Slams he has won and the results he has had and I’m just thinking. I always tell him: ‘Dude, you’re so much better than Djokovic, you should have a way better career.

I give him shit about it all the time. I’m always telling him that, you’re a tough player to play against. But he definitely had my number on the court.”

'Dude, you’re so much better than Djokovic, you should have a way better career' KYRGIOS Click to Tweet

… he scared me more than Federer and Nadal

Nick added

“When I played Roger, when I played Rafa, I wasn’t as scared of those guys as I was of Andy. I knew that his game was a lot tougher for a guy like me to play, I knew he was going to make a lot of balls, so I felt so young when I played him the first couple of times. I didn’t really believe in my physicality.

I knew that I couldn’t play long rallies with him and I knew I couldn’t last against him. ‘I would have loved to have played him when he was in his prime as I am now, it would maybe have been a much more competitive match.”

The head to head between Nick and Andy is 5-1 for Murray.

H2H Nick Kyrgios vs. Andy Murray



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