I will not play the Davis Cup, I will enjoy the sun at the Maldives. ZVEREV

Sascha stresses the fact that he has no intention of playing the new Davis Cup.


Sascha Zverev has repeatedly stated last year that the tennis season is too long and stressful. Eventually, the upcoming German has still managed to win the last event of the season (the ATP finals), but then he decided to recharge his batteries at the Maldives with his family, friends, and girlfriend.

Zverev and girlfriend in morning workout at the Maldives

The new Davis Cup format has been widely criticized for many reasons, one of them is that it is placed soon after the ATP Finals reducing de fact the off-season that with the current calendar has become “precious” for the players.

I will enjoy the sun at the Maldives. ZVEREV

During the pre-tournament press conference at the Australian Open, Sascha was asked again if he will play the new Davis Cup to qualify for the Olympics. Zverev’s reply was rather straight¬†to say

“In November at that time, I am at the Maldives in the sun and not playing this competition.”


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