For the last 15 years, the grand slams have been an almost exclusive domain of a handful of players. According to John McEnroe, things may change starting from this year.

Zverev, Tsitsipas, Khachanov next grand slam champions?

The American legend thinks that the new guard is ready to take over to comment

“I believe this year will be the year that you are going to see one of these young kids break through.

The door is open; if you look at the rankings, you have a lot of players positioned to make a big breakthrough. I believe there will be a changing of the guard this year. Whether it’s Zverev or one of the others like Khachanov or Tsitsipas, you’re going to see them do something big.”

Zverev the better positioned

According to McEnroe, Sascha is the better positioned for the breakthrough to say

“It takes time to not only develop your skills but also develop your body.

I think Zverev has the best team around him; he has dealt with the most amount of pressure compared with the other younger players. If he is able to make that next step, then he can win a major, but it doesn’t always work that way.”

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