Mirka insulted Wawrinka

Things are becoming clearer and clearer.

A video was posted that made things a bit easier to understand about the famous quarrel between Federer and Wawrinka.

Crying Baby

According to Stan all the time he was on “Mirka’s side of the court”, Roger’s wife was shouting before Stan was serving (ouch… not nice).  Wawrinka complained many times with the umpire and Mirka called him “a crying baby”(well Mirka has some experience on this,  hasn’t she?) . This has happened on a rather tricky score-line (5-all, 40-all in the decider).

La femme de Roger Federer a bien perturbé Wawrinka by beINSPORTS

This was the translation

Score line -> 6-4 4-all

Umpire: I didn’t hear anything  Stan.
Wawrinka:  Do you know why? Because I am not on his (Roger’s side). She did the same in Wimbledon.  All the time I am on her side, she shouts before I serve. That’s unbearable.

Score line -> 4-6 7-6 5-5 40-40

Wawrinka stops Roger while the Maestro was serving>
Wawrinka: [she does it] not just before serving (slao when he returns)
Mirka: Crying Baby (oooouch)
Wawrinka: What? What did she say?

OK… that wasn’t nice… especially 1 week before Stan and Roger have to play the Davis Cup final… as a team

After the accident Roger and Stan tried to play it down also posting some picks of them smiling.. Mirka wasn’t there…