It’s time for Kyrgios to follow Zverev and deliver. HEWITT

Lleyton thinks that it's not to late for Kyrgios, but the time is running

Zverev Kyrgios

It has been more than 4 years ago when 19-year-old Nick Kyrgios stunned the great Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon after a fantastic performance. Since then everyone was pointing at Nick as the next big thing, but nothing really amazed happened in the following years with the exception of some astonishing shots and a lot of embarrassing moments.

In 2019, Nick will turn 24 and it’s time for him to start to deliver unless he wants to be remembered as one of those incredibly talented guys that could not deliver.

It’s time for Kyrgios follow Zverev and deliver. HEWITT

His “mate” Lleyton Hewitt expressed his thoughts during an interview with the Australian Associated Press to say

“There’s still time, absolutely, but it goes quickly. It goes quickly and you get the next group of kids coming up as well and they’ll be challenging next and they’ll see Zverev now is on the plate.

Two years ago, Nick was probably ahead of Zverev in terms of what a lot of people thought his potential was. Zverev’s done absolutely everything right. He is the ultimate professional and he has been from day dot from when I’ve seen him around on the tour.”

Nick has won “just” 4 titles so far. It’s time to step up!

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