Coco Gauff says that Serena Williams is the GOAT while she still needs to find her way

Coco Gauff talks about being constantly compared to Serena Williams

Coco Gauff And Serena Wililams

At 18 years of age, Coco Gauff seems almost like a veteran since she has been competing with top players for already 3 years. Coco is often compared to the great Serena Williams, but she completely disagrees with that.

The rising American star Coco Gauff discussed the profound influence Serena Williams had on her tennis career. Serena Williams’ portrayal of an African-American woman who held down a long-term position at the top of the world, according to the 18-year-old American sensation, struck a chord with her, she claimed. She discussed her feelings about being compared to the potential Serena Williams successor in the interview.

Coco Gauff attributed her interest in the activity to the Williams sisters. Gauff stated that she wanted future generations to understand the influence Serena Williams had on her. Gauff emphasized the significance of following one’s dreams and avoiding unwelcome pressures.

Gauff is currently in Auckland, where she is leading the draw of the ASB Classic. Talking to the New Zealand Herald, Coco commented: “I feel like, I and Serena aren’t even on a comparison level. She’s the GOAT and I’m still trying to figure my way.”

Cori Gauff and Serena Williams have never clashed against each other.

Gauff in Auckland, ranking, and results in 2023

Cori Gauff

25 - 8win/loss

20 year old
2024 Highlights

Ranked no.7, Coco owns an overall 1-0 match record in 2023. Gauff is currently competing in Auckland where she toppled the world no.68 Tatjana Maria 6-4 6-1.

Gauff is scheduled to play next at the Australian Open (Australian Open). She will start from the main draw that will commence on the 16th of January.

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