Stefanos Tsitsipas is currently competing in Milan to try to win the Next Gen Finals.

Among the various innovations, there is one that the upcoming Greek doesn’t really like: the towel rack. In fact, usually, the ballboys handle the towel to the players during the match to make things smoother. Even if this may sound not correct, it helps to make the game faster and to allow the players to keep their focus on the match. Furthermore, many players sweat a lot and the dryer is the grip the better is for the overall quality of the match.

Why Tsitsipas disagree with using towel racks

During an interview following his 1st successful match against De Minaur, Stefanos commented

“When you play in high level, you have the ball kids give you the towels, so it’s a bit unusual to not have that.

I think having the towels whenever you need it, it’s very helpful. It’s one thing less to think about. So to be playing your best game you don’t need to think about whether you’re going to take your towel now or later.

You can just call the ball kid. I think the ball kid, it’s their job to provide towels and balls for the players.”

Your Opinion?

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Not sure about this. I use the towel a lot and I do not have problems of focusing. Not playing at pro-level, but it’s a matter of being used to it.


It’s a bit degrading this towel thing for ballkids, but I need to admit that is very useful. I think that if we see players respecting the ballkids a bit more it would be better.