Controversial Fognini poses nude for Cosmopolitan

It’s rather funny how celebrities nowadays find any excuse to get naked in front of a camera. Recently it was Venus Williams (“wow stuff” here) and Tomas Berdych that got naked for the Body Issue. Then it was time for Na Li to pose topless for breast cancer awareness (everything was “concealed”) … and obviously Fabio Fognini couldn’t refrain from it.

The narcissistic Italian is well known for being rather self-centered on court to give sometimes the impression that is rather happy just for being on TV. Now Fognini poses naked for the British Cosmopolitan to raise awareness for male cancer (we still struggle to grasp this concept).

Fognini: Health and love are the most important things in my life

The Italian commented “I have seven different tattoos, but the one that sums up my approach to life is ‘NMM’ which stands for non mollare mai – ‘never give up’ in Italian. You must always be in top shape as the ATP World Tour is more and more competitive each year. 

I run, go to the gym and travel with a physio all the time. Health is the most important thing in life, together with love.”

Ehm… ok…. We got it; the body is fine, probably time to improve the attitude now.

Fognini Naked Cosmopolitan

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