Nadal breaks his own record bouncing a ball on a racket frame for 406 times!

Rafael Nadal is definitely one of the most exciting players on tour and the Spaniard can’t refrain from giving some more entertainment to his fans at the SW19 with a new challenge.

What did he do?

Well the world no.1 wanted to break his own record of bouncing a tennis ball on his racket frame for more than 100 times. The record was standing for almost 20 years, but only because Nadal said he hasn’t tried to break it for a couple of decades.

The Spaniard managed to bounce the ball for 406 times!!!

OK, to be honest he cheated a bit grabbing the racket not from the handle so it was easier to control the ball and Babolat has a rather wide frame… but that was still good (very good) enough.

Another great performance from Rafa! Now time to beat Kyrgios in the forth round and that might be more challenging.