Strange stuff in Wimbledon.

Last year Steve Darcy pulled out an incredible upset defeating Rafael Nadal in straight sets. This year we were all curious to see how the Belgian would have played at the Championship, but we won’t have any answer.

Now ranked world no.389, Darcy has been sinking in the rankings for a problem to his shoulder (he was operated twice). This year didn’t manage to get a wild card for Wimbledon and he will not play the qualifications “But if I don’t get a wild card, I will not go to Wimbledon to play qualifying. I will use my protected ranking for the U.S. Open and play European challengers on clay.” he said to the press.

Your Opinion?

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Phil Steven

I think that it is right to give the wildcard to other players such as Kyrgios and Dusting Brown. Darcis was a bit lucky last year vs Rafa

Pedro Guimarez

I agree, I would give the wc to other players. Definitely Baghdatis.