Nick Kyrgios has a game to die for. A rifling forehand a bullet of a serve and superb movements. Many predicted that the Australian would win a grand slam in his career. He is just far too talented. He can cause nightmares to the biggest names. Just ask Federer and Djokovic. Given his obvious talent and all court game just what has gone on? Why hasn’t Kyrgios fulfilled his potential?

Headlines yes, but for the wrong reasons

Kyrgios occupies the headlines and the back pages of the newspapers for all the wrong reasons. Most recently he made the headlines in Shanghai when he tanked his opening round match. He started so well, and the umpire had to speak to him regarding his effort in the match. This, of course, is bad for the fans and bad for everyone concerned. This is the second such incidence of such behavior in the past few months.

In the US Open Mohamed Lahyani found himself in hot water after he gave Nick a pep talk in his second round match. Kyrgios later went onto win the match, but Mohamed Lahyani was banned for 2 weeks from the tour for losing his impartiality.


Lahyani SuspendedSo what is it with Nick?

Kyrgios seems incapable of applying himself to the game like he needs to do to achieve his potential. For years he has demonstrated his incredible talent and produced amazing tennis. In one match he can be hard to touch, in the next he can be unrecognizable.

A few years ago following he came out with the statement that he was seeking help and advice to curb his behavior. He also has a deteriorating relationship with the media after the announced a currently active doubles player was to be his new coach. The media weren’t too impressed when he announced it as a complete lie.

Lleyton Hewitt’s assistance

Lleyton Hewitt is a prime example of a guy that got everything out of his talent. Perhaps not the most gifted tennis player ever but a two-time slam winner, world number one and Davis Cup winner. Not bad for a counter puncher without a big weapon. Hewitt has even offered to assist Kyrgios to deal with his demons and put him on the straight and narrow. Although he initially listened to his advice the pair is no longer working together. Kyrgios needs a coach who will not take his nonsense perhaps a coach who can focus his mind on the bigger goals and not allow him to become distracted. A Lendl type figure would be ideal.

kyrgios hewitt

Mental exercises

There would be very little mechanically that a coach would want to change with Kyrgios. Perhaps he would try to develop the backhand to achieve a little more power and spin. The biggest gains to be made by Nick must be on the mental side of his game. Simple mental exercises which improve and promote concentration and focus would bring huge benefits. This should ensure he can remain engaged in the game regardless of the score and like Rafa play every ball regardless of the score. Kyrgios will also need to address his concentration during matches by finding out why it wanes. Kyrgios frequently switches off during matches. Against certain players, he can switch it back on and win, but against the best, it is frequently too late.

Can Nick get it together?

If Nick can get his head together, then there is no reason why he cannot make the final of the biggest events. He has the game to take the racket from his opponents’ hands and make them feel uncomfortable on court. He has youth on his side and there is every chance that he can turn it around.

Fellow Australian bad boy Big Bernie Tomic also has had his ups and downs which resulted in him losing his sponsorship deals for not trying. He has since taken a period of time away from the game and worked his way back up the rankings.

Recently he won his first title in Shenzhen and you could see by his reaction just how much it meant. With Tomic as an example of what can be achieved when a player applies focus to his game then Krygios can overcome his demons and prove to be the best that he can be.

tomic in tears



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