Tennis is becoming more and more “IT friendly”.

Now the WTA wants to give the opportunity to its players to use live data about their current match. This would help them to better understand in real time what they are doing (the good and the bad).The idea is to provide the data to their coaches that can step in the court with the technology to discuss this or that tactic.

From SAP

SAP is the partner that would help in this process. A representative commented

“We are looking to work with the WTA to roll that out to the athletes and the coaches with on-court coaching.

At the moment there isn’t a rule that allows us to walk out on court with a piece of technology for the coach to be able to track it, but that’s one of our strategies to work with the sport and governing bodies and the athletes themselves to be able to offer the insight; to be able to see visually what is going on.”

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