The King of Clay will try to become also the King of blue clay!

Next week Rafa is going to try to win the first 1000 ATP title ever on the blue clay even if he does not like the idea of changing the colour of the dirt.

“I not agree, sure. I don’t support that. I don’t support that for different reasons,” Nadal said . “First thing because you are in the middle of clay court season, and the clay here in Europe is red. So you have back to back Madrid and Rome. Madrid is the only tournament you are playing with high altitude, and then now you are putting a different color of clay. The tournament can’t be too much difference between Madrid and Rome. That’s first feeling. Second feeling is Madrid is enough big to not because they don’t need to have this promotion for the tournament, because Madrid for themselves, the tournament is one of the best of the world.

“My opinion, is a mistake,” Nadal added. “So I cannot understand how the ATP accept that. We were against, the players. But the president vote for themself.”

Rafa doesn’t like it, but this does not mean he won’t give his 200%.

Nadal has incrdbible records. He won 20 1000 ATP titles, 8 straight titles in the Monte-Carlo. 7  in Barcelona.The Spaniard won 34 tournaments on the red dirt (half of them without losing a set)…

Will Rafa be also the King of the Blue clay? 



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