‘Discrimination in business’ – How Serena Williams is helping the black community

Serena stresses the importance to help the black community in business

Serena Williams vs discrimination

Serena Williams is not only focussed on winning title after title on court, but she is also a staunch defender of the black community. The American sensation has been investing in various initiatives aimed at helping the people of color with a strong focus on supporting women.

During a recent interview, Serena ented her frustration for the fact that many capital investments are not directed at the black community, and money always goes to “the same people.”

The 23-time champion revealed that she is going to help to set up a fund with the intention to change or correct this trend.

“How are we ever going to see a difference if all the money is going to the same type of person. Also, people of color get even less than that. I mean, they’re at like 0.2, I mean, me being black, I want to talk about that. I don’t know if I can change it. But we are going to start a fund and we are going to try and change that,” said Serena.


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Now ranked no.9, Serena played her last match on the 8th of February when she lost to Anastasija Sevastova 7-65 3-6 7-64 in the Rubber 4 of the Fed Cup.

This season the American has a 8-2 win-loss record. The American conquered 1 title in Auckland.

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