‘I accept and appreciate all of you’ – and Gauff celebrates the LGBTQ+ movement

Coco is more and more one of the leaders of the new tennis generation

Coco Gauff

Cori Gauff has have been one of the loudest voices against the despicable racist attitude that is rife in some part of the American society. The 16-year-old remained shocked after the horrible murder of George Floyd, and she decided to talk on social media to show her disappointment.

Nevertheless, when Coco addresses inequality she is not referring only to the struggle of the black community but also the difficulty that the LGBTQ+ movement has to be accepted. The American ace didn’t fail to address this community as this is the Happy Pride month.

“Happy Pride month. I accept and appreciate all of you in the LGBTQ+ community,” she posted on Twitter.


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Cori Gauff in 2020

Cori Gauff Stats infoCurrently the world no.52, Cori played her last match on the 26th of January when she was defeated by Sofia Kenin 6-75 6-3 6-0 in the 4th round of the Australian Open.

Cori Gauff

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