‘I want to help young women’ – Serena Williams’ mission in the world

Serena keeps on stressing how important is for her to help young people

Serena Williams and Sofia Kenin

Serena Williams is arguably the greatest tennis player in history. However, the tennis star doesn’t want to leave a legacy that is only centered on our beloved sport; she wants to go for more.

Serena has done a series of investments in start-ups. For example, last year, she invested in Alice, an AI platform for small business owners mainly aimed at helping women of color. The 38-year-old has even helped to fund Bumble, an online social and dating app where women make the first move.

During a recent interview with Complex, Serena was asked about the opportunity for her to help young tennis players in the Tour. The tennis legend once again stressed her focus in helping the others and the fact that her young colleagues need to understand that there is something else beyond their profession.

“I want to be helpful and that is the whole thing for me, helping young women and young tennis players come into themselves and enjoy. I think they are learning now that there is more to life outside tennis. It is not just about playing tennis, it is about being the best person and a great competitor on and off the court and hard-working all trickles to other things you do in your life,” she commented.

Then Serena talked about her optimism about the current state of women’s tennis with many upcoming players striving for greatness.

“I think the game is growing well. There are so many amazing young players that are going to grow the game even bigger. Women’s tennis is doing very good. It will be interesting to see what happens to all of tennis. Even after the pandemic will everyone be even more interested and miss tennis and being around tennis? Women’s tennis continues to be great,” she added.


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Serena Williams in 2020

Serena Williams Stats infoNow ranked no.9, Serena Williams played her last match on the 8th of February when she was defeated by Anastasija Sevastova 7-65 3-6 7-64 in the Rubber 4 of the Fed Cup.

At the moment, this season the American has a 8-2 win-loss record. Serena conquered 1 title in Auckland.

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