Why the US Open should not be held in New York this year. BORIS BECKER

Boris Becker US Open

Tennis legend Boris Becker thinks that it would be unwise to hold the US Open in New York this year. Unfortunately, the Big Apple has been one of the cities that has suffered the most during this Coronavirus pandemic. The American slam is still scheduled to happen by the end of August at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre that has recently been converted into a temporary hospital.

Why the US Open should not take place in New York

As reported by laureus.com, Boris commented: “It’s the only Grand Slam still standing, but New York was pretty much the worst city hit by the virus a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think it would be wise to have a tournament there.” Becker won the US Open back in 1989.

This doesn’t mean that the Us Open should not take place at all. There are some speculations that the slam might even take place in Indian Wells this year if the conditions are right. However, critics oppose this opportunity also because Indian Wells is in an area that is inhabited by many senior citizens that are more at risk to succumb to the Coronavirus.

Time will tell!

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