Tsitsipas in complete distress reveals his struggles also with his family. VIDEO

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas seems to be in big distress during these tough moments dictated by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Greek sensation tried to make sense of this situation traveling in the US before getting to London before self-isolating. However, he decided to self-isolate also from his family after admitting having an argument to comment:

“If you were wondering why I am not with my family. We got in a light argument a few days ago and I just left. I still love them, I am really looking forward to seeing them again but sometimes it is quite stressful being there. So I just decided to leave and be on my own.”

Stefanos also admitted that he is struggling from a mental point of view to say: “This is what happens to you when you’re in quarantine for so long, you just lose your mind at some point. You just start talking to objects.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas’s ranking and performance in 2020

Stefanos Tsitsipas Stats info

Ranked world no.6, Tsitsipas played his last match on the 7th of March when he beat Jeson Patrombon 6-2 6-1 in the Rubber 4 of the Davis Cup.

During this season the Greek has a 11-5 win-loss record. Tsitsipas has won 1 title in Marseille. Tsitsipas was the finalist in Dubai.