Playing tennis at a professional level is extremely difficult not only from a physical point of view but also on a psychological level. The stress is huge and it is often amplified by expectations and hefty prize money that can’t be lost any time with any given unforced error. Therefore, many players often struggle to keep their emotions at bay soon after losing a much, and we have seen far too many horrible exchanges at the net, especially on the WTA Tour.

Navratilova about Naomi Osaka’s example

Martina Navratilova has always been a great ambassador for the WTA and a true example of sportsmanship. The tennis legend wrote an excellent article for the WTA celebrating Noami Osaka’s initiative of giving voice to Coco Gauff after she beat her 6-3 6-0 at the US Open. That was an amazing class act and the Japanese revealed that she did it because she wanted to see the young American leaving the court on a high note.

Martina loved that gesture to comment:

“I hope the other players learn from them because I sometimes see players not doing proper handshakes and not looking at their opponents in the eye after losing. I hope some players learn from the respect Osaka and Gauff showed each other.

It does not cost you anything and it sends a good signal to the kids watching, and to the next generations, and quite simply it is the right way to be. So I am really encouraged by this new generation and how respectful they are, while competing so hard. I love that.”

Martina is herself a great example. She is still in fantastic terms with her “polar opposite” tennis rival Chris Evert after they battled so many times on court. This is how tennis and life in general should be.

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Osaka in Shenzhen, ranking, and results in 2019

Naomi Osaka Stats info

Ranked no.3, Naomi has a 40-11 win-loss record in 2019. The Japanese is now playing in Shenzhen where she toppled Petra Kvitova 7-61 4-6 6-4.


Cori Gauff’s ranking and performance in 2019

Cori Gauff Stats info

Ranked no.69, Cori played her last match on the 16th of October when she was overcome by Anna Blinkova 6-4 6-0 in the 1st round in Luxembourg.

This year the American has an 18-8 win-loss record. Cori clinched 1 title in Linz.

Naomi Osaka and Cori Gauff played each other 1 time. The head to head is 1-0 for Osaka.

The last time that they played each other, Naomi Osaka won 6-3 6-0 in the 3rd round in U.S. Open on the 31st of August 2019.

Here the highlights.

Naomi Osaka and Cori Gauff

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