Boris Becker does not agree with the fact Roger Federer might just be the greatest tennis player in history. The Swiss has achieved more accolades, broken records and racked up endorsements desired by every tennis player in this beautiful game. He has 20 Grand Slams titles, ahead of Novak Djokovic who has 16 and Rafael Nadal with his 19.

Besides, Federer was ranked world number 1 for 310 weeks, breaking Peter Sampras’ 2012 record of 286 weeks. Despite all these achievements, Boris Becker, the 6-time Major winner is not convinced that the Swiss is the GOAT. The question is, why does he fail to acknowledge Federer’s greatness?

Boris Becker Thinks Otherwise

First Boris Becker agrees with the fact that it is pretty hard to compare generations. Ironically, he strongly believes Roger Federer, regardless of winning 20 Grand Slam titles is still not better than him, Peter Sampras, Bjorn Borg, and John McEnroe. Boris claims that current world No.3 would not stand a chance against him if they were to face each other in their prime.

Boris Becker also does not seem to be a great fan of Federer’s playing style either. Also, he does believe the Swiss would have a hard time keeping up with his pace. By simply using his pace, serving technique and movement on the court he is optimistic about easily defeating Roger. Boris is convinced that giving more time to a player makes him better.

Federer, one of the most loved tennis player

20-time Grand Slam winner has over the years become the most loved tennis player in the world. His great performances, statistics, and personality have earned him a huge fan base. He has a great tennis history which places him among the world’s tennis greats.

Already, he has won the ATP Fan’s Favorite Award 16 times from 2003 to 2018. This achievement has given him an edge over his worthy competitors such as Djokovic and Nadal when it comes to who is the most loved tennis player. But will fans continuously cheer and support him forever?

According to Janko Tipsarevic, a one-time world number 8, Federer won’t remain the most loved player forever. As time goes by, retirement beckons him and soon enough he would have to bid goodbye to playing professional tennis. And when that time comes, Novak Djokovic will with no doubt take up his spot.

Roger Federer’s ranking and performance in 2019

Roger Federer Stats info

Ranked no.3, Federer played his last match on the 11th of October when he lost to Alexander Zverev 6-3 6-77 6-3 in the quarter in Shanghai.

This year the Swiss has a 45-8 win-loss record. Federer has won 3 titles in 2019 in Dubai, in Miami and in Halle. Federer was the finalist in Indian Wells and in Wimbledon.

Boris Becker and Roger Federer

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