Advertising dollars are hard to come by, and Tennis Channel is using every shot in the book to capture eyeballs. Regular viewers of the channel have noticed the extra plugs jammed into the latest telecasts.

Besides the regular full-length television commercials, Tennis Channel slips in a ten-second blurb in between points. From the time the point has ended, and the player has toweled off, got balls and is ready to serve, there is a spot about toothpaste or investing. And occasionally the announcers even mention the mini advertisement

Even fans who manage to sneak out during the usual minute break will get exposed to the instant spot snuck in the game. If tennis fans can ignore the ads plastered around the court or the NASCAR like patches on the players’ outfits, the almost subliminal ads will get their exposure.

Don’t forget the Tennis Channel Plus App. Viewers are constantly reminded of the incredible matches and extra programming on the app which comes with a daily or yearly fee. What you’re watching is ok, but there is something even better that you can see for a little extra money. At present, Tennis Channel Plus is nine dollars a day or $59 for a year.

The intense competition from the web and other streaming apps is putting a lot of pressure on Tennis Channel. The blink and you’ll miss the ads, and reminders about the paid option is a game within the game. Tennis fans will get their fair share of commercials without the additional cash register rings.

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