This match between Thanasi Kokkinakis and Fernando Verdasco wasn’t that easy.

First the Spaniard had a heated exchange with Nick Kyrgios on tweeter as the Aussie was mocking Fernando about his past matches against his compatriots (the Spaniard lost the last 6 contests against Australians).

What happened during the match

Apparently, Verdasco was continuously disturbed by someone that was on the court-side especially in between his serves. Fernando complained to the umpire and Kokkinakis was furious when he said that that person was his father.

“What I cannot accept is that the guy behind is talking in between the first and second serve,” Verdasco commented.

“I know how it is, I’ve been playing professionally for 15 years, I’m not trying to disrespect him or cut his rhythm or anything, but what I cannot do is not stand up and say anything. I cannot stay quiet if I cannot serve.”

Fernando didn’t think that this man was Thanasi’s father, but then the Australian went ballistic when it was confirmed that it was his dad to cause the disturbance.

“I didn’t mean to disrespect you, I was talking to him,” Verdasco added

“That’s my dad, it’s my dad so it’s affecting me”, Kokkinakis replied

“No, it’s not your dad, it’s the guy on the left, it’s not your dad, sorry Thanasi, it’s not your dad,” Verdasco said.

When the Australian asked to point at the man, Kokkinakis replied: “Yeah, that’s my f*ckin’ dad!”

“That’s your dad? Well, I’m sorry, I thought it was your coach. But even if he is your dad, I mean, I’m sorry,

F*ck, he was talking to me through the first and second serve, you know how this is”, Verdasco concluded.

Finally, the Spaniard won the match in 3 sets and, needless to say, the handshake was extremely cold.

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Matteo Slit

Well who cares that it was his father if he was disturbing the game shame on him

Robert S

A few years ago I was hoping that Kokkinakis and Kyrgios would have hit the headlines for other reasons. They are both a big disappointment for now.

Novak Serbia1

Verdasco was even too nice. I mean he apologized while he had to be even more upset knowing that that person was Kokkinakis father

Hedgehoguk Tennis

Where was the point penalty for Kokkinakis for his foul language ? I`m sure if you put the stopwatch on Kokkinakis he is exceeding the 25 second rule. If is was Kokkinakis`s father disturbing the match why was he not ordered to leave the stands ? Umpires need to cut this sort of behaviour dead in its track before it got to this level. That said this just proves that Both Kokkinakis and Kyrgios should not be held up as role models as they both are lacking in manners and what it means to be a role model to up… Read more »