Monfils wins a point after executing a 360-degree shot (!!?)

Gael Monfils is well known on the circuit for his athleticism and doing weird stuff; in Buenos Aires, the Frenchman added something to his repertoire.

What happened?

Gale was playing Leonardo Mayer, and he was leading 3-1 30-0 in the third set while during an exchange from the baseline, he decided to perform a pirouette (???) before actually striking a winner down the line. Eventually, Gale won the match 6-4 3-6 6-3, but the contest will be remembered for this weird winner.

The outcome was definitely better than the one he had while he was playing Tommy Haas a few years ago in Halle when “LaMonf” decided to perform a weird (and useless) move before striking an overhead. That ended up with Gael losing the point.

Monfils’ stuff.