We were all eager to see Novak Djokovic coming back to competitions after he got a long break from tennis, but unfortunately, he had to face another setback.

Nole was meant to play the prestigious Mubadala World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi. During the past few weeks he kept on saying that his ailing elbow was completely healed, but now out of the blue, he says that he wouldn’t play in Abu Dhabi and he doesn’t provide any update about his comeback.

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Nole released the following statement

“I am terribly disappointed that I am forced to withdraw from the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. Unfortunately, in the past few days I started to feel pain in the elbow, and after several tests, my medical team has advised me not to risk anything, to withdraw from the tournament and to immediately continue with the therapies.”

Djokovic hasn’t played a competition since he had to retire from Wimbledon when he was playing the quarters against Berdych.

This is going to be tough. Best wishes to Nole!


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