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I am a Singapore Tennis Association - ITF level 1 CERTIFIED tennis coach. I was certified under the excellent but stringent tutorlage of Master Trainers Weber Oh (Singapore only ITF Level 3 Certified Coach) and Simon Tan in 2007.

In addition to being a technically proficient player (in the MODERN game), I am also a strong and analytical communicator.

For beginners, I will intro you to this wonderful game and make you want to learn more.

For Intermediates, I can slice and dice your problematic strokes and get you onto another level.

For kids I have a INATE understanding of kid psychology and the various incentives I implement to get the best out of them and I always make sure they have fun in the process.

If you are keen to find out my coaching ability, please get referrals from my former students.   or call /text / whatsapp me at 81817112


"Ladies beginners /Intermediates , come under my training and you will also get to continue learning by playing with my TRAINED players (CLICK on pic left for GROUP details) and your game will continually improve."

 Albert, ITF Level 1 Certified Tennis Coach



 "GUYS beginers/ Intermediates, enjoy the SOCIAL bonding with your fellow TENNIS brothers. After my foundational training, I will put you in touch with all my disciples here (CLICK on pic LEFT for GROUP details) and I promise your game will improve by LEAPS and BOUNDS"

 Albert, ITF Level 1 Certified Tennis Coach




If you are looking for a hit and preferably an ADVANCED player (NTRP 4.5 & above) staying in the north-east corridor with easy court access, do consider joining our Tennis - ADVANCED north east group for regular hit sessions. If you are a intermediate player, please refer to FREE tennis lessons on the internet 

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