Phillip Hofmeyr

My name is Phillip Hofmeyr and I’ve been playing & teaching tennis for around 30 years. I am a PTR licensed tennis coach and also hold LTA level 1 and 2 qualifications.

My mission is to make tennis fun – whether you want to play games or simply rally. The fastest way to do this is to help you hit consistent shots. And the fastest way to do that is with topspin. Many coaches teach topspin last because it can be difficult. But this is back to front. If you start off playing flat strokes without spin it is very hard to control the ball. So I invented the TopspinPro, a training aid that helps you learn topspin instantly.

It works in one lesson and you can use it for the forehand and single and double-handed backhand. Learning topspin first, dramatically accelerates how soon you can play with with consistency and power. What’s more, it is a relaxed stroke that puts less strain on your body.

For more about my tennis lessons please visit: or give me a call on +44 779 504 7777. I can't wait to help transform your tennis!

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